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Photographers Eye Inspiration- Photographer Taylor Marie McCormick - aka lalasiy - captures and manipulates images to reflect a surreal world of dream

This moving way from comfort and security, this stepping out into what is unknown, uncharted and shaky ~ that's called Liberation. -Pema Chodron

Ballet dancer finds her footing through dreamlike photos

Kylli Sparre’s Surreal Conceptual Photography Influenced by Dance. he influence of her past career is immediately apparent when viewing her conceptual photographs that depict posed figures, taunt with energy, at the peak of choreographed motion.

Example. Based on the topic food, I am going to explore the idea of society's obsession with consuming food and weight representaion of women in mass media. This artist's artwork shows .... I perceive that the artist is trying to say ......

20 Examples of Inspiring Conceptual Photography

Loved our previous post Roundup: Best of Conceptual Photography? Then here is your chance to have a glance of more stunning examples of conceptual photography

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Photography black and white wonderful style by Victoria Ivanova. Still life Soul of the mustang. Love the idea of creating a shadow of smaller subject it something bigger that is slightly different as if a dream or aspiration of that smaller item.

Despite spending years training for a professional ballet career, Kylli Sparre realized it was not the right path for her. Instead, she turned to photography to fill the creative void.

Ballet dancer finds her footing through dreamlike photos

Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre spent years training to become a professional ballet dancer. After realizing that dance wasn’t what she wanted to pursue as a career, Sparre picked up a camera, …

20 exampes of conceptual photography

20 Examples of Inspiring Conceptual Photography

20 Examples of Inspiring Conceptual Photography I's images like this that promote the negative side to everything in life. You can't do anything these days without constantly being reminded about weight gain etc.

"Its skin cracked like glass as daniella pulled her blade from its chest."                                                                                                                                                     More

Scott E. Detweiler Conceptual Photography art photoshop photo editing black and white b&w idea inspiration terrifying

Fotografia Conceitual   | Criatives |

36 Exemplos de Fotografia Conceitual

That's the idea I was talking about! See how the actual image is different than the reflection? 40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography. Looking at things or expressing an idea/thought differently than the "norm"