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13 Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Ads Aimed at Kids We Will Never, Ever See Today

If the Internet and other technology had happened sooner


Funny pictures about Old school advertisement. Oh, and cool pics about Old school advertisement. Also, Old school advertisement photos.

Vintage Ad: Stevie Wonder in an Atari video game ad from the early 80s via @MLDuchess

Olga Prokhorova on

Dumbest Ad I have ever seen. Vintage Ad: Stevie Wonder in an Atari video game ad from the early via

Really? Old Yasmin birth control ad "That's right boys...I'm on the pill"

Amazing how they got Annette Funicello to do Yasmin birth control pill ads back then. I think it makes her sound a bit easy and bet in some way it must have hurt her career considering the day. Hey boys step right up!

Ball Park franks may plump when you cook them, but every girl loves a Big Boner !!

Every girl loves a Big Boner! This firm is still going as Boner Billy - I checked their website!

So much to love in this ad. "Conceals condition!" Isn't this a bit like describing Mount Kilimanjaro as a "rolling hillside?" The best, though, was "childbirth almost painless." Someone needs to Photoshop in a certain TLC reality show star's name under that...because let's face it, after 19 kids, it's got to be next to impossible to feel anything going in OR out.

The safe maternity corset: "Conceals condition!" "childbirth almost painless.

MeTV Network | 14 horrifying, baffling foods from vintage ads …

The famous ad for Kraft Potato Fudge is a fake. It is a well done Photoshop of an original Kraft Cheez Whiz ad that ran in Life Magazine.