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I can't take you anywhere! : funny

I can't take you anywhere!

I laughed so hard my grenades almost fell out of my pocket.... Ahahaha

Violent but hilarious posts 6

Tumblr comments get me every time. I mean it has some bad language, but it's genius!

20 Lazy Cats That Will Make You LOL

Either I'm overtired, or this is really funny. Either way, there are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. <<< Lost it at the popsicle cat

first it was amusing. then it was funny. then the 3rd to last comment was hilarious. and then i just started dying at the last comment. HELP.

Yes You Do

Yup that last one is me. yes i brutally murder enemies and bath in their blood who uses lamps anymore?

Guys Order 5 Pounds Of Gummy Bears, Hilarity Ensues... -   Misc

Satan Bears, absolutely the FUNNIEST thing I have read in a long time!

Brilliant Toilet Graffiti - They paint this wall to hide my pen, but the shit house poet strikes again

Brilliant Toilet Graffiti

Brill toilet graffiti especialy the last one 😂

The most accurate description I have ever heard.

The most accurate description I have ever heard.>>>middle school is getting better

"^Oh^here^comes^detective^dollar^sign" Not~you~Colonel~Caret. Stop•right•there•Tyrant•Tilde Oh!look!you're!at!it!again!doctor!degree!

Nice€ of€ you€ to€ show€ up,€ Doctor€ Dollar€ Sign!

funny tumblr comments

funny tumblr comments

Creative Writing Assignment at Kontraband, I'm still laughing:)

Creative Writing Assignment: perfect example of men vs women-too funny!