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We are totally doing this!  Collected dried magnolia leaves dipped in muted antique gold paint then strung together.  We can play with the colors

Collect dried magnolia leaves, dip in muted antique gold paint, then string together.

wearable old photographs printed onto fabric are by Dutch artist Miranda van Dijk

Photography leaves- would make an awesome family tree! Photos printed on unbleached cotton.

Trimmed-Leaf Art - A maple leaf takes flight when it turns into artwork. Trim out a butterfly head from the top point of a maple leaf. Press the leaf in a book until dry; spray the leaf with varnish to preserve its color. Mount it in a floating frame as a sentiment of the season. Designer: Jeannie Stout, evLien Designs

Easy Fall Crafts Made with Leaves

Simple Leaf Art - Take stunning autumn leaves to crafty new heights by cutting them into fall shapes. Here, a vibrant maple leaf becomes a delicate bat. We recommend cutting your desired shape from paper, then tracing lightly onto the leaf.

Leaf Art By Lorenzo Duran

Leaf Art By Lorenzo Duran

As folhas secas de Lorenzo Durán. O trabalho é incrível e demonstra que o artista além de talento, tem muita paciência. // The dried leaves of Lorenzo Durán. The work is amazing and shows the artist as well as talent, has a lot of patience.