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The woman's pride - Irene Adler -Sherlock

The women in 221C

Benedict Cumberbatch filming Sherlock season 3

"When I say run…" In case it’s hard to tell, or you haven’t seen s2e1 of Sherlock, that’s Benedict Cumberbatch under...

Benedict looks brilliant in every single pose! I think I find him attractive because he holds that special something that 'real' men possess which can’t be manufactured and imitated but must have been theirs from birth. My grandfather had that, and so does my nephew – It’s something special and both men and women recognize it but can’t name it really – ya know?

Hello Darling / British Hey Girl - Benedict Cumberbatch. THESE ARE SO GREAT hahahaha awww

I'm really looking foward to more sassy Molly- hopefully she'll become more confident around Sherlock, cause it's awesome when she gets to put him in his place XD

If Sherlock had sex...

benedict cumberbatch talks sex & sherlock - Well I need a cold shower now.

Hello Darling / British Hey Girl - Benedict Cumberbatch - ok this one made me LOL for real. :)

A Bunch Of Top Stars Have Kissed Each Other For A Series Of Moving New Short Films

Ladies, there was an open casting call for someone willing to engage in a steamy make-out session with Benedict Cumberbatch and we missed it. Some actress named Reese Witherspoon landed the role of ou

Eyes that stare into my soul and tear into my heart....