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Billionaire Jeff Bezos recovers Apollo rocket engines from ocean floor (Photo: Bezos Expeditions)

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The first photo taken by Neil Armstrong after setting foot on the moon.  July 20, 1969.

Apollo 11: See the first photo ever taken by someone on the moon

History In Pictures ‏ Fitzgerald Georgia In Pics The first photograph taken by Neil Armstrong on the surface of the Moon, 1969

Moon Walk, A Time Not forgotten.

The second man to walk on the moon, U. astronaut Buzz Aldrin, is being photographed by the first man on the surface, Neil Armstrong, during their Apollo 11 moon walk on July Image: US astronaut Buzz Aldrin (© Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

This image released March 20, 2013, shows part of the first-stage structure of the Saturn V rocket used to launch one of NASAs historic Apollo moon missions.

Apollo Moon Rocket Engines Raised from Seafloor by Amazon CEO

The thrust chamber of one of five first stage rocket engines used to launch one of NASA's mighty Saturn V rocket on a historic Apollo moon mission is seen on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean in this Bezos Expeditions image.


I love pictures like this! All that rust, with little mossy bits. And so much texture. by Periegese. Hmmm going to have to swipe my hubby's log chain now and rust it.