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flower power

A photo of giant owl garden sculptures in Nantou County, Taiwan took the web by storm. See how animal topiaries can give a garden some eclectic pizazz.

Stone Rugs Garden-outdoors

Not sure if this is art, craft, or gardening. Pebble mosaic "carpet" is beautiful. For this pebble-mosaic patio, the author modified a classic Persian carpet design to represent the creation of the universe.

Le goutte à goutte solaire est un système d’arrosage très efficace, simple et économique qui peut aider des millions d’agriculteurs dans le monde à obtenir une augmentation de leur production tout en utilisant jusqu’à 10 fois moins d’eau.

The solar drip irrigation system is a very effective , simple and economical that can help millions of farmers worldwide to achieve an increase in production while using up to 10 times less water.

Extend your growing season. Take some time to plan and build a hoop house, row covers, or cold frames. These enclosures will help you plant earlier and harvest later.

Extending Your Growing Season: Hoop Houses, Row Covers, and Cold Frames

Why use a loud electric dehydrator when you can harness the power of the sun to dry your garden harvest? Our solar dehydrator project is a great way to stretch the garden.

Build a Dehydrator

Solar Dehydrator plans and instructions - wonderful for sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, apple chips, banana chips, etc. I wonder if this could be used for meats as well? or If smoked meat is better?

На первую часть публикации было много теплых отзывов и я решила продолжить и показать вам еще немного фото из моих архивов.

funky junky silverware flower I would use serving utensils for a bigger flower and I would hang it in the kitchen!

Drying Onions- so dry this year (2014) that I just leave them in the ground, I mean dust, and pull them when I need them.

How to Harvest, Cure and Store Onions: Gardener's Supply