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hereO-GPS-Watch-kids tracks the kid's location :P

hereO Watches for Kids are Equipped with Real-Time Tracking Devices

ITS ABOUT TIME.....  Technology & Safety have merged to create a new standard for protecting our loved ones. The NEW revolutionary Safety Smart Watch powered by Tmobile...We are priveleged to present to you, the LEO wristwatch- help that is "always within reach.."     The new wave of technology revolutionizing safety for mankind. We are proud to introduce the smartwatch of our generation...The Leo Wristwatch

The LEO 911 GPS Wristwatch for kids with tamper-proof, lockable strap.

Memoto: This tiny, wearable camera wants to capture your day in photos, taking lifelogging mainstream

Memoto: The Tiny, Wearable Camera to Take Lifelogging Mainstream?

The KidiZoom is a starter "smartwatch" for kids as young as three years old.

There Is Now a 'Smartwatch' for Kids

Could Wearable Tech Like Google Glass Play a Role in Connected Education?

We're not quite at the stage of all being cyborgs, but the wearable computing market is growing, and the number and type of devices is also increasing

They look like snazzy sunglasses, but these computerised specs don't block the sun – they make the world a brighter place for people with partial vision

A pair of “smart glasses” might help blind people navigate an unfamiliar environment by recognizing objects or translating signs into speech.

Project Mighty smart stylus and Napoleon ruler - The pen works much like existing styli, but when working alongside Napoleon, the two tools can be used to create curved and angled shapes in a way that would be difficult to do with a third-party stylus.

Adobe announces first hardware, the Project Mighty smart stylus and Napoleon ruler

Adobe announces Projects Mighty and Napoleon: Creative Cloud-connected hardware for tablet-based creations

Adopted girl transforms herself into her favourite heroines

Adopted girl transforms herself into her favourite heroines

PHOTO THERAPY: Adopted girl transforms herself into her favourite heroines

Colors|Hunt for Colors around the House. Fun for Toddlers or Preschool age.

Little Family Fun: Green Hunt (fun little activity to help littles with color recognition)

Kind tracker armband | MegaGadgets

For parents who want a lower-cost alternative to GPS, a Bluetooth device like the BeLUvv Guardian is a great option.

Motion Sensor Light ~ would like this for those late night bathroom trips :)

Battery-Powered Indoor Motion Sensor Light - Make your home safer with a light that comes on when you walk by. It won't be scary or dangerous to navigate a dark hallway or stairs

スマートフォンや玄関の鍵のロックを解除する魔法の指輪 : NFC Ring

10 New Wearable Tech Innovations That Are Blowing Our Minds via Brit + Co.

The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD has connectors on both ends. On one end is the USB connector that connects the i-FlashDrive to a Mac or PC and on the other end is an Apple 30-pin connector. The 16 GB and bigger versions of the PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD comes with an additional snap-on adapter for the Lightning connector. So if you have both types of devices, the i-FlashDrive can cater to both. This also means that you can easily transfer files and data between your iOS devices, both old and…

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD

The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD is the only flash drive that provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without the need for Wi-Fi or battery power.