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This desert took a lot of time but it ended up amazing!

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Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (My Fav).

healthy, fit and thin yummy  lettuce

healthy, fit and thin yummy lettuce

Chocolate-y Christmas Cafe au Lait

my-grad-life*: Coffee (Dates) - An Awesome Social Bonding Tool

Godiva chocolates #GODIVA

Godiva chocolates #GODIVA


red currant & mint as decoration for raspberry sorbet


Everyone inevitably craves for food, and Cravings For Food is dedicated to all of your mouth-watering, finger-licking-good cravings.

Oreo Brownies

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Don't these brownies look delicious? I can't really take all the credit for it, as I came across the Cookies and Cream Fudge Brownies recipe on the BBC's Baking Made Easy website.

Best recipe for Fried Ice Cream. Holy moly I'm making this soon! Another reason why ya'll should buy a deep fryer @Tracey McLaughlin

Fried ice cream - make ahead of time (up to a couple of days), then throw into your hot oil for 30 seconds and serve over fresh berries and honey drizzled over the top.

Sprinkle brownie batter with cadbury eggies. The batter bakes over the eggs leaving yummy chocolate chunks in each bite.

Easter Party Brownies - Sprinkle a couple handfuls of Cadbury Mini Eggs on your brownie batter before baking. The brownies bake up around the eggs so you end up with creamy chunks of chocolate in the middle of every bite! Can't go wrong with Cadbury eggs


Brownies with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.aka something I should not be looking at right now since I'm dieting!

Cold Stone Slab Cake Batter Ice Cream tastes so good, and you can make your own recipe that tastes just like theirs.

Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream

Copycat Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream Yield: 1 quart 3 cups heavy cream 1 cup milk cup sugar teaspoon salt cup dry Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Cake Mix (recipe, dessert, cold) lets make this

3 Musketeers Donuts via @Danielle Lampert Antinozzi

3 Musketeers Donuts via Lampert Lampert Antinozzi

Nutella Ice Cream With 1% Low-fat Milk, Heavy Whipping Cream, Granulated Sugar, Nutella, Kosher Salt, Vanilla Extract

Nutella Ice Cream

(no eggs, no cooking) Recipe here: www.

Three Musketeers Cupcakes via Heather Christo Cookies

Candy Bar Cupcakes

Candy Bar Cupcakes ~ any candybar of your choice