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First ever diaper cake I made.

First ever diaper cake I made.

Don't know how to do a backbend? Is your Warrior III a little wobbly? Can't manage Crow Pose? Here are some trx workouts and exercises to get your yoga on!

TRX Workouts: Yoga

Merge the exercises to get a totally different spin on your normal workout! yoga workout, yoga for beginners

Possible color scheme for baby's room/guest room. Bright green, light blue, and coral accents.

Great idea RE the twin mattresses. I also love the tree pictures on the wall! Love to display kid-made art in a kids room! Two twin mattresses, some plywood, and a great playroom that doubles as a guest room or sleepover room.


Picture for every month of pregnancy - cute idea for anyone who is pregnant (NOT ME, LOL)

The second diaper cake that I ever made.

The second diaper cake that I ever made.

Organizing Legos

So after having just three Lego sets, one realizes that some type of organization is necessary for Legos. We have hundreds of sets and abou.