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How to Grow Elephant Ear Plants ...wonder if these would work in pots placed in ground, because they can take over a yard...I'll try and see.

Grow Elephant Ear Plants

How to Grow Elephant Ear Plants. The Elephant Ear (Colocasia) plant is perennial herb that grows up to 9 feet meters) in height and sprouts large, arrow-shape leaves. It gets its name because the large leaves resemble the ears on an.

.Old homestead backhouses were typically screened by a spreading lilac and "going out to smell the lilacs" has long been a useful euphemism in our family.

Fragrant Outhouse Photograph by Lori Deiter - Fragrant Outhouse Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Alex Johnson is well known as the Sultan of Shedworking. Here he chooses seventeen of his favourite sheds ranging from (relatively) conventional Shepherds Huts to reflective tree houses and writers studios.

Turn an outdoor, storage shed into a reading room, craft room, etc. Put in a little air-conditioner and a ceramic heater for winter.I'd never come in the house! I'd like a tiny guest house

Rustic shed and iris

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