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Sculpture by Mother Nature I think the fact that structures and systems in nature are mathematically coded to be geometrically perfect, but with the constant effects of gravity and climate it impacts the shape, color, and the life of the system.

Attitude is everything, so pick a Positive one and increase your Happiness levels every day :) For your FREE, No Obligation Wellness Evaluation


Truth is transformed into power when you dissolve prejudice and make yourself receptive to the world as it really is. This is the "ugly truth" that people care not to hear or absorb. It can be maintained only by cultivating a genuine openness~a willingness to see, rather than merely look. When your inner life is clouded, your influence is under a shadow. If you are fearful, you will be attacked. If you vacillate in upholding your principles, you will be tested. Yet, when your mindset is firm…

Sometimes the people you live with are not the right people to be with... Life is a lot of compromises, as long as you don't Compromise and Sacrifice.

Unfortunately, this is TOO true. Witness it everyday... how some people's eyes light up with delight and satisfaction when they hear you have a problem or done poorly with something. Whatever happened to lift each other up, OR your success is my success??

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