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Future compact living? NeotechX//Cyberpunk, Neuromancer CAPSULE artwork by Marcel van Vuuren Design (http://marcelvanvuurendesign.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html)                                                                                                                                                     More

Cyberpunk Desktop Backgrounds

NeotechX//Cyberpunk, Neuromancer CAPSULE artwork by…

Bat panther

Bat panther

"Sounds like wishful thinking." I sighed and turned to Ryder, crossing my arms. "It's called hope. You should look into it sometime." He shut his mouth as I continued strapping on weapons to my body, preparing for our escape. "Well, you're the boss. Don't you think we should wait for Em though?" I stopped for a moment, pursing my lips and thinking. --- Calathiel Fefalas

"Sounds like wishful thinking." I sighed and turned to Ryder, crossing my arms. "It's called hope." He shut his mouth

(via SystemCrash_NoirCyberpunkApartment.jpg (1500×800))

Integral to a video game’s mood, tone & story, architecture & interior details can supersede game-playing itself, thanks to the likes of Klaus Pillon

binary code tattoos - Google Search

Morse code tattoo by phoenixtattoos // 4 kids names

crazy tech cool

Circuit-Rune Tattoo by The-Spirit-Reaper on DeviantArt

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Vom Leben gezeichnet – von Marcel Ackle gebaut: Where's the mouse?

combat armor elite, Marcel G on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/combat-armor-elite

ArtStation - combat armor elite, Marcel G

ArtStation - Cyberpunk Kitchen, Marcel Petras

Kitchen made for Resonance Project.

American Apparel - neondreams83:   Neonwave: Future Design

Ugo La Pietra’s vision of future interiors.

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Pink, Alley Way, Neon, Purple

numbers tattoo on arm

Tattoo Numbers

Tattoo Numbers by Georgie Williams

(99+) Likes | Tumblr

ArtStation - First snow, Tony Skeor

steampunk art - sighting of the HSM Ophelia

Sighting of Abney Park's HSM Ophelia. The airship belongs to Abney Park City scene was taken from the stock of Clouds are from the stock of HMS Ophelia

circu.jpg (700×525)

Gentleman With Circuit Board Tattoo Full Sleeve