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The 14 Levels of Fangirling -- I feel like I fit into several different levels all at the same time. Hm.

The 14 Levels of Fangirling

Arthur. On a horse. What more do you need?

Arthur: Bradley James is the perfect Prince Arthur. Dashing and handsome, and with just the right amount of arrogance!


Bradley James - Arthur on BBC's Merlin. or is it Arthur playing Bradley James in real life?< seriously, he just is Arthur.


Let's talk about how season 1 is mostly about what he does and his growing friendship with Arthur. It makes us think he is unique, but in the oncoming seasons we realize that there are more magical sorcerers like him

More Sir Gwaine by DandelionGirl43.deviantart.com> This means we turn off the crap television and go find out more about Eoin Macken then watch something else he is in...considering Sir Gwaine's reign is soon coming to end along with Merlin.

I concur. I loved the Merlin TV show. I may just go back and watch them all over again.

Gaius' faces are hilarious XD especially when he involves the eyebrows :) I recognized most of the actors. HOORAY

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Well, Merlin and Arthur look comfy, perhaps Arthur more than Merlin! I love them guys. Arthur ships it.