1920s headpiece/Gatsby headpiece/rhinestone headpiece/Wedding

1920s headpiece/Gatsby headpiece/Rhinestone headpiece/Art Deco style headpiece/1920s accessories/hair accessories/hair jewelry/Patience

1920s headpiece/Gatsby headpiece/rhinestone headpiece/Wedding

Another easy idea....from Pinterest ....and compfortable too.

Costumes…. book week around the corner.

Create this adult DIY Halloween wolf hoodie costume with these simple ideas. Create the ultimate Halloween costume with these great steps.

Dolly Eye Twilight red circle lenses have been the hot-selling for last few years due to the color pigmentation they boast. They are perfect for Halloween cosplays and for vampire makeovers. These theatrical lenses are enough to freak your fellows up!  Buy here:

Dolly eye Twilight red circle lenses are the brightest of the red lenses.

Lady Edith Crawley & Lady Rose McClare

See Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Upcoming Season of Downton Abbey

While Laura Carmichael (L) as Lady Edith Crawley is on board for future seasons, Lily James (R) as Lady Rose MacClare Aldridge will bow out after season Downton Abbey

This weekend, use cardboard and paper to make an awesome costume. Get the proportions exactly right and create a cool design based on your favorite characters:

DIY cosplay armor for next to nothing! Kamui Cosplay is definitely great at crafting armor. I must learn!

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Egg carton bats and leaf ghosts. Fun and easy craft for kids! We made both the leaves and the egg carton. We bought black leaves. The paint took forever and chipped a lot. Egg cartons were super easy though :)

Recycled Sour Cream Container turned Queen of Hearts Crown - DIY Inspired

Recycled Plastic Container Crown

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Makeup by Alex Box. Beauty Breakdown: Illamasqua Golden Goddesses Myer Fashion Show

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Who needs Halloween as an excuse to dress up? This one reminds me of Maleficent . used Sugarpill Poison Plum, Midori and Tako eye shadows to transform herself into Maleficent. Check out that wicked nose contouring!

Dr. Seuss Homemade Costumes | fashion look from October 2011 featuring Oasis leggings. Browse and ...

Items needed:black blazer, white t-shirt, bow-tie brooch, cat in cat converse or any black/white shoes, eyeliner for whiskers and obvioulsly the hat.