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Beautiful Gorillas!

"Silverback Gorilla protecting his harem: Gorillas in the mist ! Tribute to Dian Fossey dcd in 1985 to 53 years murdered in the forests of Rwanda . ethologist of his trade and dead for giving too much love passion for these great apes .

Monkey and baby

chimp cradling a human baby. Adorable as this picture is, I can't help but think of the woman whose face & hands were ripped off by a chimp attack. Maybe not so adorable.

APE - before 900; Middle English; Old Englishapa; cognate with Old Saxon apo, Old Norse api, Old High German affo(German Affe)

Ape - before Middle English; cognate with Old Saxon apo, Old Norse api, Old High German affo(German Affe)

A raging male silverback gorilla - Doing it is better than how it looks.


A male silverback gorilla rages at a zoo in America's Midwest. These heartfelt portraits of apes in captivity capture the faces of man's closest relatives as they express rage, pride and sadness. - by Steven Miljavac - Telegraph

Tim Flach nous montre des animaux au regard plus qu’humain                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Tim Flach nous montre des animaux au regard plus qu’humain

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