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American infantrymen crowd into a mud-filled bomb crater and look up at tall jungle trees seeking out Viet Cong snipers firing at them during a battle in Phuoc Vinh, north-Northeast of Saigon in Vietnam's War Zone D on June (AP Photo/Henri Huet, File)

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These vintage B&W photographs are brought back to life with bold pattern and collage additions. Graphic designer Guy Catling from Colchester, Essex use

Vietnam War Weapons | It was important to maintain a plentiful supply of ammunition to feed ...

Soldier manning an machine gun, Airborne Brigade on Dak To/Hill 875 during the Vietnam War, 1967

WWII Nurses in the Philippines and their stories.

When Corregidor and Bataan fell in there were 11 US Navy nurses and 66 Army nurses who were captured along with the American and Filipino forces, and imprisoned in and around the city of Manila. These 77 women became known as the Angels of.

October 12, 1967 - January 31, 1969     Operation MAC ARTHUR begins. It was a continuation of the 4th Infantry Division border guard operations in the western II Corps that claimed 5,731 known enemy casualties. GREELEY was folded into MACARTHUR and the remainder of the Battle of Dak To would as part of this operation. The 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division and the attached 4/503d Abn from the 173d Airborne Brigade were located at Dak To. The 2d Brigade was at LZ Oasis, southwest of Pleiku an

Humping mortar rounds on Hill 742 5 miles northwest of Dak To during Operation MacArthur Vietnam

taishou-kun:  Marc Riboud  Making a call, Tokyo, Japan - 1958

taishou-kun: Marc Riboud Making a call, Tokyo, Japan - 1958 Wow, this was colorized really well!

Army nurse, Vietnam era

Army Nurse attending a wounded troop. Left the Nam on a stretcher in underwear and arrived by chopper in Japan during a snow storm.

drrugwar: “ A Vietnamese villager suspected of being Viet Cong or, most likely just some poor civilian, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time (Vietnam War) ”

Marines with captured Vietnamese villager they suspect of either being VietCong or a collaborator.

Hamburger Hill, Vietnam War - I had a friend who survived this battle - not many did

Vietnam, La batalla de Hamburger Hill

Two soldiers comfort each other under the strain of combat in Pleiku, South Vietnam, 5/26/67.

Two Soldiers Comfort Each Other Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Two soldiers comfort each other under the strain of combat in Pleiku, South Vietnam, / © Everett Collection)

I came across these posts while surfing the internet and thought it would be cool to combine them, add pictures and then post on my blog and on Facebook.  The first list of definitions was written …

Military Slang during the Vietnam War

A tribute to the Vietnam War. "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam.

Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue

How to Plan a Trip to Washington DC: Your Travel Guide

Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue in Washington DC. It depicts nurses helping the wounded (Just lost my sister-in-law who was an Air Force nurse in this war. She helped fly the wounded home.