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Beneficios de hacer ejercicio.

Beneficios de hacer ejercicio.

Train Insane Tank... maybe not insane, but if I don't up my training, I'm destined to remain the same!

To Give: Train Insane Tank

Wow....if that's not inspiring....

You excuse is invalid. Boy ain't that the truth. I'd love to meet this little guy.

Monday morning motivation.... #fitness #motivation #crossfit

There is no race. There is no finish line. The goal is not to see how much and how fast you can lose weight. The goal is to UPgrade YOU. To be a better version of you every single day for the rest of your life.

um, after a good work out which usually consists of running 5 miles in the dry summer heat. but i don't have 3 hrs and there is no smoldering summer heat. gym sucks

Cause I feel the prettiest and strongest after a long, hard workout. So true, love my "happy" endorphins after a work out!

Fitness quote

What fits your busy schedule better - exercising one hour a day or being fat 24 hours a day? Ouch, need to remember this!

I need to remember this when I don't know if I'm gonna work out....motivation.

"When in doubt, workout." So true, and such a great workout motivation quote.

Looking for fitness challenges? Build muscle, motivate yourself to exercise, lose weight and mix up your workouts!

No+Motivation+to+Exercise | No regrets | Exercise Motivation

Keep That Date (With the Gym!)

This quote has been my whole inspiration and all my motivation to get back into it after two months of being out of it. And it's so true. "I really regret that workout" SAID NO ONE EVER.

How To Stretch Right For Every Muscle Group -

How To Stretch Right For Every Muscle Group

So true! My husband can't get enough of me when I work out with him. Seriously all couples should work out together.


One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn't do what it just did - Quote - Inspiration - Work Out - Motivation -

i just said yesterday that i wanted to start working out before work again for these same reasons!!!

We like to work out in the mornings but don't always have that luxury. Working out in the afternoon is nice too tho :)