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Niu Myōjin, early 14th century. Kamakura period (1185–1333). Japan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Mary Griggs Burke Collection, Gift of the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation, 2015 (2015.300.14) | This work is exhibited in the “Celebrating the Arts of Japan: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection” exhibition, on view through January 22, 2017. #AsianArt100

Yoko Ono, Painting to Hammer a Nail Many of us think of Yoko as an annoyance that broke up the Beatles but before she met John (and after) she was a successful conceptual artists. In this piece, Painting to hammer a nail, written instructions directing the viewer to hammer a nail into the painting--this work was created by the viewers but the idea conceived by Yoko. She was one of the first "Happening" artists and was truly a pioneer for Japanese women artists!

Ania Wawrzkowicz was born in Poland but now lives and works in London as a commercial photographer. This is Ania’s personal work, a series entitled Ambiguous Documents which I thought was smart and subtle. It made me remember that not very long ago everything – a life’s worth of documents – was on paper. How quickly we have shifted away from that.