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Viajando pelo Mundo Mágico das Rãs

Wil Mijer is a photographer living in a village of Zeewolde , Flevoland. Wil is passionate in macro photography and captured many stunning nature pictures. In this post, you will enjoy the collection of frog photography taken by Wil Mijer.

Mushroom of Love. Two snails seem to kiss on a mushroom. Viadana, Italy by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

Butterfly and chameleon suit each other, even in color. The picture was taken in Turkey. Photo: Mehmet Karaca / Solent News / REX / Fotodom.

27 superbes images issues du National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015 (© Ajar Setiadi) - very sweet

A red-eyed tree frog — native to the rain forests of Central America — delivers a martial arts move. Can YOU do that? Photo by Shikhei Gog/Caters News