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Calendar of Zwiefalten Annales Zwifaltenses minores Stuttgart - [1162 AD] - 7 Planeten System- Geocentric medieval scheme of the seven planets: In the centre "Terra" the earth. In the following circles (from centre to periphery) 1) Luna (Moon), 2) Stella Mercuri (Mercury) 3) Venis stella (Venus) 4) Sol (Sun) 5) Martis stella (Mars) 6) Jovis stella (Jupiter) 7) Saturni stella (Saturn)

©Genève, Bibliothèque de Genève- Introduction à la Cabale, dédiée au roi François Ier

From An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe by Thomas Wright (London, 1750). engraved plate, 'a proportional Drawing of all the primary and secondary Planets together, distinguished by their Characters...'. #space #astronomy

Christianus Prolianus. 1478. Comparative view of the magnitudes of the Sun (a large disc of burnished gold), the Moon (silver), Mars (gold), Venus (gold), Mercury (gold) and Earth (pale).

Planets from al-Qazwini, Wonders of Creation Source:ms 1130, Bibliothèque/Médiathèque, Bordeaux

Title: Taurus and Gemini Form: Illustration Label: These illustrations depict Taurus (al-thawr) and Gemini (al-tawʾamān).

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