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And everyo like legit? It wasn't even that funny. But ur delerious so it totally was


Dan is my spirit animal<< lol same ps I live for spooky week and can't wait till Halloween bc of it

Why I freaking love lily

Why I freaking love lily

Thomas is a time lord stuck in our time<---He was in a Doctor Who episode-Human Nature & Family of Blood. If anyone remembers, he's the kid who finds the Doctor's fob watch.--He is also Newt in The Maze Runner and he is in Game of Thrones!

Tracy Morgan ??

Tracy Morgan

Epic Ponytail and Faith in Justin Bieber - Hair Fail ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails. Saw this and couldn't stop laughing!

why in the world

Exactly when no one is around my hair gets pulled of in a good way but when it comes to party or hanging out with friends,suddenly they turn into havoc!

I literally just said this to so some people...

people trying to be ghetto, and they know that if their mom heard them, they would be gettin a beat down

I like how most Asian women can  go from such beauty and/or adorableness to freaky, sometimes scary, and weird. (I can say freaky and weird because I am freaky, somtimes scary. and weird, so I should know.)

11 Relatable Memes To Make You LOL All Day

This is why I don't like lipstick or lip gloss tbh 😂

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