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40 Macro Photography of Water Drops

Sky In Raindrop~Very Beautiful and creative macro photography of water and dew drops by very very talented photographers. These little things are really beautiful to see. All Artworks and artists profiles are properly linked back.

The Average American's Face Will Change How You Think About Race

According to National Geographic, this is what the average American will look like in the year 2050. the future is mixed race emerald Pinned for @marakiggins Photography, Photography Inspiration, Photos, Style, Design,

She watched the sky change colors as the avalanche caused minor explosions to erupt around them. It would have been a beautiful sight, one to cherish and to celebrate, but somehow it felt like the entire world was crushed under that avalanche. She'd lost so much...

Ernesto Artillo

Photographer and mixed media artist Ernesto Artillo is best known for reconstructing fashion photography into surreal and abstract images by way of collages and digital manipulation. His beautifully bizarre work is the result of several fashion collaborations, including one with fellow Spaniard

Melted Crayon Art

Cool!(: Click on the picture and there are examples of artwork. There is also a video explaining how to make crayon artwork. My next summer project! :)