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I love my lil' Irish cutie. ♥ he's soooooo cute

Niall Horan- imagine goin inside your giant beach home, and finding your 3 kids playing with your husband,Niall Horan.

Oh How I wonder what goes on in this boy's brain(: {GIF} @Niall Dunican Dunican Dunican Dunican Horan

Unwonted (Niall Horan) - Chapter 3 ~ The Concert

One more Niall pic before I go to bed. x

Read Capitulo 22 from the story Novio por contrato - Niall Horan by biebtiful (marie k) with reads.

Fav pic of Niall ever.. Then again I love every picture of him

Oh my goodness to meet Niall Horan would be a dream come true ! I would hug him and not let go I love u Niall

I usually don't buy magazines like that but I NEED this magazine<<<< Ikr!!!! I'm so proud of him!!!!!!!

Niall Horan lands his first magazine cover without One Direction

Niall laughs alone whilst picking out plain colored t-shirts (pt 1) Omg look at him he's so cute

Niall laughs alone whilst picking out plain colored t-shirts, Omg look at him he's so cute. i laugh while im alone too, you good niall


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