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Mourning Cloak Butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa)

Photographed this Mourning Cloak taking in the sun on the Timmins Trailhead part of the Timmins Ontario trail system.

butterflies after the struggle

Newly-emerged Blue Morpho butterflies photographed at the Calgary Zoo. Fine, we should all be like butterflies, metamorphosis .

Alaska's tough butterfly  Tip: You can find butterflies throughout Alaska if you look for the right conditions.

The mourning cloak butterfly is one of the first lepidopteran species to emerge in the forest sunlight in spring (sometimes even while there's still snow on the ground) revealing its dark brown wings with a beige border and distinct blue spots.

Mourning Cloak

Attack of the mourning cloak butterfly larvae

Mourning cloak, (Nymphalis antiopa). Finley Canyon, 3/24/2013

View pictures of Mourning Cloak butterflies, also known as Nymphalis antiopa, from Eastern Washington.

Amazingly Beautiful \'translucent butterfly

the real translucent butterfly is called a Glasswing Butterfly with color only on tips of the wing not bubble translucent wings like this one.check Internet for more info.

Photograph BORBOLETA PINTADA has been submitted to PhotoExtract's main photography gallery by BRUNO SOUSA.

~~Borboleta Pintada Butterfly by Bruno Sousa~~ such a beautiful butterfly.

Though it has the word weed in its common name, don't let that scare you away from butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa). Sometimes called milkweed, it's as easy to grow as a weed but much prettier, plus hummingbirds and butterflies love them!