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SASUSAKU FACTS Sasuke does most of the cleaning. He really does like to do chores. It reminds him of when he was a child and helped his mother around the house while his father trained Itachi. Of course, this is also due to the fact that Sakura often works long hours at the hospital every day.

SASUSAKU HEADCANON When Sasuke was a kid, he'd run to Itachi and ask him how to talk to girl, especially to a pink hair and red ribbon


Fact from Naruto ... Naruto facts. ... we all know that Itachi is the best

Neji... are you okay, Neji? @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Quinlan Hatake

No matter how strong Erza is, we all know that Mirajane is a heck of a lot stronger with her Satan Soul transformation.

Is this legit? I'm asking cuz I don't read the manga xD #haikyuu #oikawatooru

SASUSAKU FACTS During Part I and Part II, whenever Sasuke was mentioned, Sakura would defend or act in some sort that references towards him. In Gaiden this is shown again, now following in vice versa with both Sasuke and Sakura defending/acting in accordance of each other.

SASUSAKU FACTS Sasuke is actually quite diligent about these things. He doesn't buy her flowers or take her out on a special date, but he is always sure to pick her up from the hospital and bring her home to a delicious homemade dinner he prepared especially for her. Sakura does her best to remind him every day that he is loved and needed, and he insists that this fact alone is a gift to him