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DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #36  Superman and Starman team up to battle Mongul and rescue Starman's beloved Merria in "Whatever Happened to Starman?"

Superman - Starman - Mongul The Merciless - The Ultimate Cosmic Conflict - Blue Suit - Jim Starlin

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DC Comics Presents 1 August 1978 Issue DC Comics by ViewObscura

Detective Comics Vol. 46 No. 518  1982 by TheSamAntics on Etsy

Detective Comics Vol. 518 1982 by TheSamAntics on Etsy

Avengers #44

Avengers Chaos ensues as the Avengers attack Colonel Ying's base. The Red Guardian proves to be a formidable match for Captain America, but there's something oddly familiar about this Super Soldier.