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Rotbtd Hogwarts AU | Merida and Rapunzel. Hogwarts AU.

Merida and Rapunzel.I have a nasty habit of polishing my art pieces too much. It was quite a challenge to keep the sketched look. Merida and Rapunzel: Hogwarts AU

ROTBTD Comic //I know I've pinned this before but it's wayyy too funny not to pin again!  xD

This is what happens when Merida talks to Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Jack Frost. btw I don't really ship Rapunzel and jack

Part of a massive RotBTD crossover with the avengers. The famous "take that away and what are you" scene, redone with Captain Corona and Hiccup of Stoic Industries. I feel like Rapunzel's beef with...

Part of a big Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons crossover with the avengers. Crossover all the things! Here's Merida and Astrid of S. Adventures of Merdia and Astrid

So cute!

Aww!! So cute!!