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Archangel Uriel can help with problem solving. tests / exams.and will bring peace where there is uncertainty, Angel Talk with Carole Davies now available @ www.caroledavies.com

Invoking the Archangels Oracle Cards: Sunny Dawn Johnston, Kris Voelker Designs…

Gonna have to keep my eyes open now :)

Feather Divination, type of Geomancy. Scrying with Birds. When you discover a feather. << need this for my Witches' Ternion

TOP 10 Spiritual Places with The Strongest Energy Field

Every question has an answer, and we will find it together here. In the spiritual path of knowledge you are not alone, as we all think when we go through it.


How to Maintain a High Vibrational Home

Daily Wellness Tip - Get your sleep on: For deep, restorative rest, tune in to your body’s natural rhythm.

Like a real life superhero, a man named Wim Hof has achieved unbelievable feats that have earned him the formidable nickname ‘The Ice Man’ and taken the world by storm. His amazing stunts include being fully submerged in ice water for more than an hour two days in a row, climbing Mt. Everest wea…

The Science of How to Consciously Control the Immune System- Training the Mind