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Harper's recently launched a metered paywall using Leaky Paywall https://zeen101.com/leakypaywall/ which is integrated with their subscription system

The Neoliberal Arts: How college sold its soul to the market.

America's Nightmare Politics: Why Is Our Democracy So Toxic?

America's Nightmare Politics: Why Is Our Democracy So Toxic?



Barber Pencil is a Revolutionary Hair Styling Invention from World Patent Marketing  #worldpatentmarketing

The Barber Pencil is the latest hair styling invention from World Patent Marketing. This terrific new product is an ergonomically designed electric clipper.

Funds Donated by Cooper Idea Foundation Support the Soldiers of the IDF  Follow World Patent Marketing on Tumblr: http://world-patent-marketing.tumblr.com/  On Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldpatentmktg  Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WorldPatentMarketing  #israel

Cooper Idea Foundation made a significant donation to the FIDF Casino Night, in honor of Brigadier General (Res.

مناقشه بر سر قتل سه دانشجوی مسلمان توسط مردی مسلح در آمریکا

Chapel Hill shooting and western media bigotry. The religious identity of violent perpetrators is only highlighted when they're Muslim.

Reza Aslan destruye argumentos de Bill Maher sobre el Islam

Reza Aslan (Religion Scholar) slashes CNN when they ask his opinion after the attacks in France and Libanon: Does Islam promote violence?

Judy Woodruff to host the first serious Presidential debate  https://twitter.com/worldpatentmktg  #worldpatentmarketing

World Patent Marketing announces Presidential Forum on Manufacturing, with Judy Woodruff as moderator, covering topics of import to Invention Manufacturers.