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Alchise, Apache Indian    by Edward S. Curtis

Alchise, Apache Indian

You are looking at a beautiful picture of Alchise the Apache Indian. It was created in 1906 by Edward S. The picture presents Alchise would have been part of one of the last generations of wild Indians

Chief Sitting Bull is arguably the most powerful and most well know Native American chief in history.  Sitting Bull first went to war at the age of 14, but he is best known for his defeat of General George Custer in the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876, aka Custer's Last Stand.

Sitting Bull - Sitting Bull was a Teton Dakota Indian chief under whom the Sioux tribes united in their struggle for survival on the North American Great Plains.

Vor 180 Jahren wird Sitting Bull in Amerika geboren, er war Lakota Sioux Indianer.  Er wurde berühmt, weil er für die Freiheit der Indianer in Amerika kämpfte und gegen die Weißen in den Krieg zog.

Among the leaders of the First Nations in North America, Sitting Bull of the…