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Georges Rousse

o irrealismo de georges rousse

Architectural Anamorphic Illusions - By Georges Rousse You might also like Sources: georges rousse collater.

Typographie | microblog - Part 2

Face Reality As It Is: Anamorphic Typography by Thomas Quinn typography anamorphism


Joseph Egan Hunter Thomson, graduates of the Chelsea School of Art Design created this anamorphic type installation as part of their final project of 4 images)

Les créations en anamorphoses de l'artiste Fanette Guilloud

Les créations en anamorphoses de l’artiste Fanette Guilloud


Georges Rousse at Seoul Art Center

窗景山石现代中式挂画 壁饰 挂画式 复合材质 奇莱空间艺术设计

窗景山石现代中式挂画 壁饰 挂画式 复合材质 奇莱空间艺术设计

© Georges Rousse

Clever Perspective Art by Georges Rousse. The idea isn’t new but these clever pieces by Georges Rousse are nothing short of amazing. He is a French artist based in Paris and one of his signature styles is art which can only be seen from one point of view.

Anamorphose / Felice Varini

Anamorphose / Felice Varini

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Land art is easy and fun and can be done by anyone. Basically it involves making sculptures and art from things you might find in nature, such as pebbles, rocks, twigs, sand, pine cones, shells, seed heads, leaves. These things can be made into mandalas, spirals, shapes, animals, or patterns…. the possibilities are endless. Creating …

How to Create Epic Land Art With Your Kids

MLP - Self portrait? Land Art by Graders, "Mother Nature"; YES Fundraiser Project The kids created "Land Art" today to be used on notecard sets to sell to raise money for their Art, Music, PE and Assemblies.

Spiegelungen lassen interessante Bilder entstehen auf Wasseroberflächen, an Scheiben oder sonstigen Spiegeln. #entdecken #beobachten

Top 20 des oeuvres de land art insolites ou l’art de jouer avec la nature

Andy Goldsworthy andy has used the water to reflect the reflection of the sticks in the water. he has put them in a specific order to make the sticks look like a fish