Explore Respiratory System, Cartoon Drawings, and more!

Kid-friendly information about the immune system that is written similarly to a comic book called, "The Immune Platoon.”

Cartoon Drawing the immune platoon together after sucessfully defeating an antigen.

Here is a movie version of “Dem Bones” that sings the song and gives more information about the bones. If you search the web there are any other fantastic versions.

Human Body: Learning About Bones

Dissolving Pumpkin Candy Experiments| Dissolving pumpkins! What a cool Halloween Science Experiment!

Dissolving Candy Pumpkins

Looking for the perfect halloween science experiment? This dissolving candy pumpkin experiment takes 2 minutes to set up and is super simple. Kids will love it!

10 Christmas-themed Science ideas for kids to do at home

Christmas Science Experiments

10 Christmas Science Activities - mostly for the toddler/preschool age. Good busy stuff while big brother is doing independent work.

Science Kids Activities - Science Experiments For Kids - STEM

Science Projects - Experiments - STEM Activities

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Human Body Videos for Kids

Halloween Songs - free video of 'Skeleton Dance' song based on Dem Bones. fun and a good action song for any time of year.

Dr Seuss Party. would be cute to make and use these as the favor containers

Truffula Tree Inspired Lorax Birthday Party // Hostess with the ...

Week 5.   How Your Tongue Works (+playlist)

Salty, sour, sweet - you couldn& taste any of that without a tongue. Find out how your tongue works in the tongue video.

Your eyes see, but how does vision happen? Find out how the eyes and brain work together in this eye video.

CWS lesson 21 Your eyes see, but how does vision happen? Find out how the eyes and brain work together in this eye video.

How your nails grown.  CC Cycle 3

Watch this nails video to find out how nails grow and why you shouldn't bite them!

Fun for speech activities! Human Anatomy Felt Board

Human Anatomy Felt Set - Organ Systems - Science Educational Medical Flannel Board / quiet book page idea

Free Technology for Teachers: Healthline Body Maps - A Resource for Anatomy Lessons. Beware that the models are very anatomically correct. Keep that in mind before sending children to the site.

Healthline Body Maps features interactive models for learning about human anatomy. Body Maps allows you to zoom-in on specific parts o.

how your hair works - YouTube

This site is amazing for all things science, and these just happen to be my kids favorite videos: video on how your hair grows.

print toddler size skeleton, label and attach. I would cut out different bones and have the child stick them onto their body or your body!

human body unit from Spell Outloud Homeschool - includes printable toddler sized skeleton and other fun hands-on activities heres an idea for little man