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Bonding Scarf for Sugar Glider, Rat, or Hedgehog - Single Pocket - Bonding Pouch - Pet Carrier - Pet Tote - CUSTOM FABRIC CHOICE

PLEASE NOTE: This personalized charm is hand-crafted, as such, we will need business days to craft and ship it. The image should have enough extra background to be trimmed down to fit the dimensions of the charm. The picture dimension should be lar

239- "Help him by comforting him, being there for him when he's sad, and saving Cream!" Sonic just stared at Silver. He knew Silver was right. He should be helping Tails not making things worse. "I... I'm not sure how to comfort him! He doesn't tell me anything anymore." "Think about. You're basically in his shoes. Both your girlfriend and you sister, who is also his sister, were taken. How would you like to be comforted?" Sonic thought. "Thanks Silver. You're right." Tabby came outside. "We…

In Sonic Boom, the bandana Sonic wears around his neck previously belonged to his father. Because of this, it holds a lot of sentimental value and so he is rarely seen without it.

Knuckles the Echidna by starwaveimpulse on Polyvore featuring Plein Sud Jeanius, Fab., LUSASUL, DANNIJO, Taiana Design, Mosley Tribes, videogames, knuckles, sonic and scarf

Sonic the Hedgehog Hat Pattern

I made this Sonic hat as a special order for a friend of mine. After about 14 hours of crocheting, trying to figure out how to make each piece and then figuring out how to assemble it all, he final...