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To find JOY in SAD times is a wonderful key in life. Search out something to be grateful for always!.It helps ones perspective. inspirational quotes to motivate and share

Less House, More Home Watercolor Print Art Print

I really think this is true... I lived in a very small house for 21 years after we got married... It was our HOME!! We moved to a bigger house 15 years ago and it's a great place but it's not the same.. It's just a house with more bathrooms to clean!! Lov

This is a place of inspiration, empowerment & warmth for people who are blessed with the bliss that is a baby & a business

35+ Inspirational Trust quotes

Alot of times Im better off on my own. In my own mind. To everyone. Everybodies so sensitive, so ready to fight, and change your words. You cant be openly positive these days. No one will let you without trying to change u