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It's not about gun control, it's about racism. Republicans accept their own halting the spread of guns but hate it when someone black is trying to protect the public.


Repugnant-cans - If 147 executive orders make Barack Obama a "czar" and a "tyrant," then what do 291 make George W. Bush, 381 make Reagan, and 166 make Bush Sr.

Never forget, not the complexion for the protection.

The "stand your ground" law is only a scapegoat for non-black shooters.


The justice system was created to continue to protect white. While confining to enslave blacks.

Judgement people who are hypocrites are the worst scum you can find

Marriage vows are not considered Holy or binding to these hypocrites. It's funny how the most self-righteous are the ones who flout Judeo-Christian Biblical teachings.

Fiscally responsible Republicans

The term Republican Fiscal Responsibility has all the validity of a Sarah Palin TED Talk.

Even for a Republican White House that was badly stumbling through George W. Bush’s sixth year in office, the revelation on April 12, 2007 was shocking. Responding to congressional demands for emails in connection with its investigation into the partisan firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the White House announced that as many as five million emails, covering a two-year span, had been lost. ~

The George W. Bush email scandal the media has conveniently forgotten

Bonus: it isn't just a Bush thing. It implicates a lot of current politicos in the GOP.

The Same Goes For McDonald's & ALL THE REST!

corporate welfare is the real fraud; walmart creates poverty not jobs

The vice president that owned his wife -  WTF fun facts

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What was sacred changes when man changes words to suit his own agenda

This is true! Read the article, such a beautiful culture. I love Native American culture it's so interesting. It's nice to see that even the native Americans accepted gay people :)

Phroyd's World

Phroyd's World

Sounds fair.

And the subsequent allegations that Robert H Richards IV had also sexually abused his 8 yr old son, never went to trial. There's a problem in the justice system called affluenza.

More BS from the Left. Unless you're talking about Democrats fascination with aborting select children.

Americans are taking the same path. We need to pray americans wake up before this "hitler/Obama" do the same thing.

Fact!  Especially when there were four Police Officers on scene who waited too long or refused to act.

Fact! Especially when there were four Police Officers on scene who waited too long or refused to act.

Republicans are anti-democracy

Republicans are anti-democracy