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This would be awesome!

Funny pictures about The Power Of A Baby. Oh, and cool pics about The Power Of A Baby. Also, The Power Of A Baby photos.

Complex carbohydrates. Tehe

Funny pictures about Complex carbohydrates. Oh, and cool pics about Complex carbohydrates. Also, Complex carbohydrates.

Oh Moe... thank you for expressing all the emotions I feel but dare not express. #shameless — @jaykaslo

"Man you go through life, you try to be nice to people.You struggle to resist the urge to punch them in the face." - Moe Szyslak, The Simpsons

The truth!

How cowlicks happen! There must be a lot of cows in Kaiden's room at night! That boy wakes up with the worst bed head. Esp his 'cowlick'

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Nobody likes clowns. Clowns are scary as hell. Who the hell likes clowns? Why the hell would anyone like clowns?