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When the coming of the expected Savior was finally near, the Book of Mormon record indicates that the scriptures began to be fulfilled, and angels began (again) to appear to “wise men”. Why did Mormon interrupt his narrative to specify that angels began to appear to wise men? #Angel #Angels #Miracles #God #Prophets #BookofMormon #Faith #Mormon #LDS

The account of the Three Nephites who were granted to continue living until Christ's second coming has captivated many. Although we do not know much about them now, we can learn a lot from what they might have said to Mormon and Moroni, prophets who lived 400 years after the account. #BookofMormon #ShareGoodness #ThreeNephites #LDS #Mormon #Immortality #Christ

On March 17, 1842, women of unrelenting faith and zeal gathered together in the upper room of Joseph Smith’s Red Brick Store as the first organization of the Relief Society was formed. Today, women of the Church, and all those who support them, celebrate the 173rd anniversary of that first meeting. Since its inception, the ...

Some have wondered just how old the strippling warriors were. While their fathers were still under oath not to take up arms again, these sons were old enough to fight, but young enough to have not made that oath themselves. Helaman told Moroni that they were “very young”, and called them his “little sons”, descriptions that suggest they were younger than the usual age of a soldier. #Teenagers #Youth 2d

Who was Mormon? From what information we have about his early years, we can see an amazing young man whose unique experiences prepared him to abridge and prophetically narrate the Book of Mormon. It is his informed and compassionate voice—prepared, refined, and purified by the Lord—that guides readers of the Book of Mormon throughout the world.