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Black Chinese Langshan, Rooster Cogburn. He is about 9 months old. Beautiful and huge.

Fancy. Lovely. A favorite of mine –The Croad Langshan is an old, heavy, soft-feathered chicken breed which probably originated in China.

*THREATENED* Langshan chickens lay a large number of very dark brown eggs; the eggs sometimes having a purplish tint. The breed has white skin, full breasts, and an abundance of white meat rich in flavor. The white meat of the Langshan is also particularly white in color. The breed is a good forager, a prolific layer, and Langshans can fly over high fences. They can be kept on any soil type, are the only Asiatic breed suited to the Southern States. Langshans bear confinement well.

Foghorn our 2nd Black Chinese Langshan rooster. Hes such a stud. One of the hen Supremes behind him.

Black Chinese Langshan Rooster Cogburn and one of my lady Buff Orpingtons. Hes a horndog, probably chasing her down.

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