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Fashions if this board come from several groups in existence at this time lemen was used as textile. the shenti was the loin cloth worth by egyption men. the kalaharis was a linen down worn by egyption women

Isis and Horus, Temple of Philae Pylon, Egypt

Isis and Horus, Temple of Philae (Philae is an island in Lake of Nasser. It was formerly an island in the First Cataract of the Nile River and the previous site of an Ancient Egyptian temple complex in south) Pylon, Egypt

Ancient relief in Luxor temple at night, Luxor, Egypt  (by travelingmipo)

Ancient relief in Luxor temple at night, Luxor, Egypt << I love the nighttime look of it. It's a dream of mine to explore Egyptian sites at night. night is so peaceful, magical.

Two dancers, detail of a fresco from the Etruscan “Tomb of the Triclinium”, c.480 BC, fresco, orginially from the Tomb of the Triclinium, necropolis of Monterozzi, Tarquinia, now in the National Museum, Tarquinia, Italy

The Two Dancers:Tomb of the Triclinium at Tarquinia Etruscan civilization is the modern English name given to a civilization of ancient Italy in the area corresponding roughly to Tuscany, western Umbria, and northern Latium.

The Sphinx,Giza, Egypt,circa 1849.

The birth of travel photography: Du Camp and Flaubert’s 1849 trip to Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East - Imaging Resource i ship it like fed ex

Płaczki z grobowca Ramose, wezyra faraonów Amenhotepa III i Echnatona, 1411-1375 BC (Taki rodzaj nie-kanonicznych przedstawień był charakterystyczny dla okresu amarneńskiego)

Common mourners from the tomb of Ramose.

Plan pałacu w Tirynsie, 1500-1200 BC

Plan pałacu w Tirynsie, BC