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The ghosts of Hitler's European fortress: Photographer captures images of decaying World War Two bunkers in Holland, France and Belgium

Rooms filled with soothing music, water and incense populate this former second-world-war telecommunication bunker in Berlin. The concrete structure was converted into a Chinese art museum by John Pawson, the architectural designer also responsible for the interiors of London's new Design Museum.

An exceptional and chilling collection of abandoned World War II bunkers by Amsterdam-based photographer Jonathan Andrew. While some photos clearly show the decrepit nature of these 70-year-old structures, it's bizarre how futuristic some of them appear.

Projekt | Project: Sammlung Boros – Bunker Ort | Location: Berlin, Germany Bauherr | Client: Christian Boros und Karen Lohmann, Wuppertal Architekten | Architects: Realarchitektur, Berlin Mitarbeiter | Staff: Jens Casper, Petra Petersson, Andrew Strickland, Wolfgang List, Bernadette Krejs, Karin Maria Derix Statik | Statics: Ingenieurbüro Herbert Fink © Fotos | Photos: Hanns Joosten URL: www.realarchitektur.de

Type 669 Heenschemolen Bunker, Heensche Molen, Netherlands: The photographer said he started his collection over bunker photos because he 'found the geometry and shape of the structures fascinating

Sleek steel and glass skyscrapers are interspersed with structures from an earlier era, making Bunker Hill a unique collection of Art Deco, Beaux Arts, and Corporate International architecture.

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