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Hannah Snowdon by Walnutwax

“Hannah Snowdon’s palm tattoo requested by angelle-world, photo by walnutwax ”

Cillian Murphy

So I recently got a haircut based on Cillian Murphy's character Tomas Shelby in the series Peaky Blinders. Mine is not as extreme as his but its still pretty stylized.

RACHEL ENTWISTLE http://blog.lonewolfmag.com/

Rachel Entwistle’s Amulets

File Under / Fragrance Finds We just got a hold of a few bottle-ettes of by Kilian’s Addictive State of Mind. Three fragrances with one unifying theme: smoke. These fragrances are NOT your classic fruity floral. They are complex, intricate,.

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Billy Huxley Other Male Tattooed Models You Should Know About - Alternative Fashion & Lifestyle - styleBizarre

the-black-vogue:  http://the-black-vogue.tumblr.com

Inspiring image cigarrete, fuck, girl, lips, smoke - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Ropa | Casual | Hombre

I have an anchor tattoo that I want, and I think from looking at this photo, I have found the place that I want it.

Cillian Murphy

Worth & Worth by Orlando Palacios - Press - Cillian Murphy - Port magazine Autumn 2012 issue feature on the cover Irish film and theatre actor Cillian Murphy. Hats courtesy of Worth & Worth.