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Fargo “Palindrome” Season 2 , Episode 10 | I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the sexy-if-a-bit-ditzy Simone (relative newcomer Rachel Keller), who I left the show crushing on a bit. She might have been more than a little naïve and questionable in her actions, but she was nothing if not endearing. It was heartbreaking to see her go, in a scene that couldn’t help but remind one of a similar one in “Miller’s Crossing,” another Coen Brothers masterwork

Rowan (Who's driving? if it was Kurt or Gabriel she would be sat in the front. Probably going to a ceremony thing or something)

Who is James Jagger, star of new show Vinyl?

Jagger as Kip alongside Vinyl co-star Juno Temple as Jamie

“This is literally what is in the mind of a teenager,” says Brooklyn-based photographer Olivia Bee of her new photo book Kids in Love, which began eight years ago when she was fourteen. In between house parties, family vacations, make-out sessions, and a thousand heartbreaks, she retreated into her high school darkroom to pin down her experiences, which seemed always to pass prematurely into memory.

Het verhaal achter 'Vinyl', de nieuwe HBO-reeks van Mick Jagger en Martin Scorsese - TV & Radio -