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Simply spoons (a.k.a Jon D) is a really good singer!!

Jon D. His Harry Styles' impression is PERFECT. His channel is Simply Spoons.

ASDFGHJKL it's Megan and Liz, Christina Grimmie, and Simply Spoons IN ONE PICTURE. If there wasn't a collaboration here, I'm gonna be upset.

Well, Directioners this is what happens when you post your number on Twitter. ! This is dangerous !! This is hilarious but you may not get such a nice person as John from youtube channel "Simply Spoons" to punk you!! I have to say that John does a good Harry Styles imitation. Olivia from Colorado is hilarious! Putting your number out there on line or any social media site open you up for dangerous people to stalk , harrass or harm you. You can be found just with a cell phone number. Be…