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James Potter

James - Marauder Era <--- Why is this not a movie or a TV show or something? << An entire book series about the Marauders' and their time at Hogwarts, each book shown from a different marauder's perspective

lily evans

Jily // James Potter // Lily Evans // The Marauders // Comic sorry for the language

when Lily discovers James has been made Head Boy

james and lily I still don't like James hair in this, it should be strait and sticking out all over. And he needs glasses.<<<< They are the perfect Jily

Merodeadores one-shots - Pedidos - Wattpad

Merodeadores one-shots - Pedidos

Sirius Black james potter remus lupin peter pettigrew mera* that headcanon James is the reason Sirius uses Snuffles with Harry is so important to me also Marauders dialogue is hard excepttheeyes


I'm coming Harry! LOL// Can we appreciate that people added that gif to all of her James Potter posts?

The Marauders.

grindylow: “ “ ya lit meme 7 friendships ↳ Marauders, Harry Potter Series “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” ”

James as a dad

James & Lily's Howlers omg I'm crying this is so sad! Then again they wouldn't have crashed the car because he wouldn't be the chosen one and he would've had a normal Wizard childhood

PERFECT --- though I have to wonder which James you are referring to. I suspect that it could apply to both.

James Potter epically losing a Quidditch match and refusing to come out from under the invisibility cloak. It would totally happen!

And who does everybody hate? That's right. James Potter

As much as I like Snape, people have to stop talking shit about James Potter.