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Just Don’t Tag Me

Just Don’t Tag Me

trebled-negrita-princess: indigo-floorboards: sirewordplayj: this is how u nature Theyre so much more aware than we think. sugarlipsmakemeweak i love this WHERE THE HELL DO I SIGN UO?!?!?!!???!!!!! mysticdragoonzeref

oh. my. goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want them!!!!!!

Baby Koalas

Wild Animals Wild About Selfies

Wild Animals Wild About Selfies

Pulling your best pose -- close, upfront and personal -- is almost second nature to us now. Even toddlers brought up with smartphones know how to capture one. But what about animals? Have they also caught on to the 'selfie' craze?

On the wrong side of the camera . . . aren't you?

Where did that rascal go?