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Meet A Rescued Moon Bear Cub Named Smudge Who Is Finally Free

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Why We Won

Why We Won’t Let Endangered Moon Bears Die in Illegal Halong Bay Bile Farms

Moon bear Mara joined our sanctuary in 2007 as a dirty, starving and traumatised cub  discovered in a secret compartment under a passenger bus. Thankfully, the beautiful and fragile bear cub, weighing just 2.5kg, has been with us ever since – blissfully unaware of the fate that was so nearly hers. This picture was taken while she was making splinters out of lovingly assembled equipment – but one look at Mara's gorgeous face and healthy body is enough to melt any heart. Happy Monday everyone!

Article: The man who grew up with moon bears 01 April 2015 Photo: Mara enjoys her enclosure at VBRC Animals Asia

extraction of bear bile black stops in China

series of photos on Asians keeping bears with holes in abdomen for gathering penis enlarging substance or some other stupid crap they do on a regular basis. this bear killed her cub and herself to end this torture.

End bear torture farms in Vietnam!- Sign petition. "The torture is so bad that some bears in China have been observed to starve themselves to death in order to escape the pain. The practice isn’t just cruel, it’s driving these endangered moon bears to extinction, especially in Vietnam, a country where bear farming is rampant. And with Vietnam’s government sensitive about its image of presiding over a modern, rising economy, the time is ripe to bust up the bear bile farms."

Across Asia, thousands of endangered bears are captured, crushed in cages, and jammed with sharp needles to “harvest” their bile for quack medicines. It's illegal in Vietnam -- yet it flourishes underground.

bear cub 3

Moon Bear Cub Rescued From the Bile Industry Goes From Skinny and Scared to Strong and Beautiful

Polar Bears Win After Alaska Tries to Delist Them - They will keep their "threatened" status & continue to receive protection under the Endangered species Act.

Good News - "Polar Bears Win After Alaska Tries to De-list Them". Polar bears will keep their "threatened" status and continue to receive protection under the Endangered species Act.