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Pacific island nations are among the world’s most physically and economically vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather events like floods, earthquakes and tropical cyclones, the World Bank said in a 2013 report. Kiribati is one of them that's at risk from climate change's effects because of its naturally low elevation.

The Costs of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Are Passing the High-Water Mark

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Together we can turn this around. You can help us by spreading the word about #climate change and hunger

Why Sale of National Geographic to Fox Signals Perilous Times for Photojournalism. Will photographs depicting the negative impacts of climate change appear on the pages of a magazine owned by a man who doesn't believe it is an issue?

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Starving Polar Bear Is the Face of the Future. Whether or not climate change was the reason the animal in this photo was dying, it remains single biggest threat to the species’ survival. | TakePart

The so-called global warming “debate” is actually not new. As early as 1979 scientists predicted that increasing CO2 levels could have a disastrous impact on our planet. In the short documentary "Science and Distortion", decorated scientist Stephen Schneider discusses how the influence of special interest groups is the real cause of the public's disagreement on climate change.

This is one of the best references I have found. Well written, not to 'techie' but also with full references if you want to dig more.