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Spanking from Batman - Mmmmm I Love it. Bat Girl Yvonne Craig was introduced as Batgirl in the final season of the Batman TV Series, posters of her in full costume adorned the walls of countless millions of boys bedrooms around the world.


A comprehensive list of the most important and influential artists to bring the Man of Tomorrow to life


Cyclops and Jean Grey of the X-Men. Jean/Marvel Girl/Phoenix and Rogue are my top 2 X-Girls of all time.

The Price of Being Superheroes Infographics Illustration by Bob...

SUPERMAN ~ "These infographics, created by Emil Lendof, Bob Al-Greene and Nina Frazier for Mashable, explores the annual cost of being a superhero in real life, comparing the prices between then and now (taking inflation into account).

Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

The Dark Knight vs. Bane, and Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez