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That's How We Know You Are A Psycho

That’s How We Know You Are A Psycho

A comma will not do! The sentence is missing a word. I suspect the proper word would be "for". It should read, "I like cooking "for" my family and my pets." The poster, as it is, is not a good advertising venue for the company or the school.

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deadpool movie poster 20161 New Deadpool Posters Share the Love For Valentines Day

Linzie Hunter Posters quotes illustration

Humorous Collection of Uninspiring Quote Posters

Humorous collection of uninspiring quote posters createed by scottish illustrator, Linzie Hunter. She called them ‘uninspiring posters’. Actually it’s the complete opposite – they are inspiring, but the message they convey is categorically not inspiring.

The three kinds of science teacher. Tag your teacher type I have #2<<we just have posters with pictures of the goggles everywhere and then the text is just "remember your safety goggles" and stuff. And on our first day, the teacher made us read a text with lab rules that were self-contradicting, and then the next class she made us read it AGAIN, and sign it because the school didn't wanna pay compensation if we got hurt.

The three kinds of science teacher. Tag your teacher type I have chemistry teacher has a sign that says "keep the earth clean it's not uranus"

The Hateful Eight - Movie Poster

The Hateful Eight - Potently visceral, mind-blowingly twisted and terribly tense. Tarantino still has many tricks up his leave, and this is his darkest film yet.